2017 Annual Meeting

Our 2017 Annual Meeting hosted many talented and inspiring people who support our kids and mission at the Boys & Girls Club, but also make our community a better place. We are very grateful for the generosity of those below who make the Club experience better everyday and welcome our new Board members. Thank you!
*Photos Below*

Newly Elected Board Members:
Carrie Roelle, Andy Owen, Tara Stanley, Lisa Schoolfield, Mike Lafollette, Josh Reising

Service To Youth:
5 years- Alvin Basham, Curt Begle, Ken Haynie, Barry Roberts
10 years- Andy Martin
15 years- Mark Samila, Jim Will Jr.
25 years- Kris Proctor
30 years- Tonya Staup
45 years- P. Michael Mitchell, Joe Theby Sr.

Friend of the Club:
Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Evansville Marine Service, USI Baseball, Scherer Monument Works, Martin Sales & Service

Extraordinary Service Award:
Andy Martin, Tonya Staup

Volunteer of the Year:
Kathryn Muensterman, Barton Malow, Stanley Steemer

Man/Woman & Youth Award:
Don & Lori Mattingly