Vectren Foundation- Project Learn

Currently in a renewed three-year partnership with Vectren Corporation, Project Learn is engaging Club members in learning, encouraging them to succeed in school and helping them become lifelong learners. This program is driving positive outcomes through an individualized, structured learning experience, practical application of skills taught in the classroom and overall improved behavior towards learning and behavior.


The Women’s Hospital- SMART Girls

We recently renewed our partnership with The Women’s Hospital for this impactful program. SMART Girls is offering age-specific experiences geared toward enhancing girls’ physical and emotional health. This is a small-group program combining informational and experiential learning activities to help Club members develop the knowledge and necessary skills to practice healthy lifestyle choices.


Holiday Management Foundation, Inc.- Career Launch

Currently in a renewed one-year partnership with Holiday Management Foundation, our Career Launch provides members with workforce development skills. Participants are learning many skills such as resume writing, mock interviews, on-site job exploration and training, and are learning from potential employers key factors in job recruitment and placement. This program helps drive positive outcomes by exposing Club members to various employment opportunities upon graduation.


Old National Bank- Money Matters

Currently in a third year partnership with Old National Bank, Money Matters is a program utilizing interactive activities to educate teens ages 13 to 18 on aspects of financial literacy. Our goal is to arm teens with the tools needed to become financially savvy adults.


BKD- Healthy Dinner Program

In order to have an even deeper impact on our community’s youth, we have partnered with BKD to provide a warm, healthy meal to our Club members once per month. Not only is education and physical recreation critical in shaping our youth’s futures, making proper nutritional decisions enables our Club members to lead healthier, longer lives.

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Old National Bank- Youth of the Year

Continuing as our Youth of the Year sponsor, ONB renewed their program sponsorship as the Youth of the Year Program showcases the many talents and abilities of Youth of the Month Club members. This program is an honor for any Club member and includes scholarships to further education.


Dollar General Literacy Fund- Brain Gain READ

Our second year partnership with the Dollar General Literacy Fund has exposed youth to activities which bring books to life. This program includes different books weekly along with various group activities; truly improving reading levels.


OneMain - Youth For Unity

As we kick off our first year of our Youth For Unity program we will educate youth and teens about diversity. This program allows us to teach the importance of different cultures to help position our
community’s next generation to succeed.


Koch Foundation- SMART Moves

In our commitment to bettering the lives of the youth we serve, we have partnered with Koch Foundation to provide age-appropriate modules to engage youth between the ages of 6 and 15 in resisting alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and premature sexual activities to overcome obstacles impeding their development in living successful lives and achieving their goals.

Koch Foundation

James & Adelaide Duncan Foundation- Fine Arts Program

In our first-year partnership with the James & Adelaide Duncan Foundation, our Fine Arts Program will provide a forum for children to experience photography and other various mediums of art.

Vanderburgh Community Foundation, Indiana Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts- Fine Arts Program

This Fine Arts Program exposes youth to photography and introduces them to areas within our community where they are learning different photography mediums.

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Alcoa Foundation- Power Hour 

In our second-year partnership with Alcoa Foundation, the Power Hour Program provides extra attention and focused attention to those in need of motivation and direction through extending learning beyond the classroom. This program is driving academic success and positively impacting the school drop-out rate.


Triple Play- Mind, Body & Soul

Members are learning the three components to living a healthy lifestyle. Triple Play challenges participants to become healthy and active by learning new ways to eat nutritionally, manage stress, maintain physical fitness and form positive relationships with peers. A special thanks to Anthem Foundation for their support of this program through Boys & Girls Club of America.


Mattingly Charities- Mattingly RBI

It’s not only a game of baseball, softball or t-ball, it’s learning the basic fundamentals of healthy competition and emphasizing teamwork and good sportsmanship. The Mattingly RBI Program was established two years ago to foster the desire to continue participation in bat and ball sports. Through a fun, positive environment, children are building self-esteem and are given the opportunity to succeed in the great sport of baseball/softball.