Youth of the Month

October 2016


Meet Katera!

Katera can be found winning pool games and assisting staff. She has been a member for just over four years.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Darian!

As a three year member, Darian volunteer in our locker rooms and attends Bosse High School. He assists staff in game rooms and gym activities to remain active throughout the building.

OneMain Unit Club Member

November 2016


Meet Dijon!

As a member for just over 7 years, Dijon participates in nearly every activity and program the Club has to offer.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Jamon!

Active throughout the building, Jamon is 11 years old and serves as a role model to our cub cadets.

OneMain Unit Club Member

December 2016


Meet Cadence!

At 10 years old, Cadence is a 4 year member and enjoys participating in many ways. He can usually be found leading pool games or playing Xbox.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Julian!

As a four year member, Julian assists staff with locker room responsibilities and is very active within recreational games. He attends the Club daily as he completes his final year at Lincoln School.

OneMainUnit Club Member


January 2017


Meet Jalena!

Jalena has consistently supported her peers at the Club. She has received the Youth of the Month honor for the past 3 years and is a positive role model. She is a leader and selfless member who we are proud to reward.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Marshai!

Marshai participates in many programs including SMART Girls, cooking classes, and Career Launch, and joins in daily Club activities. She is a positive role-model and has been a member for 6 years.

OneMain Unit Club Member

February 2017


Meet Tyler!

Tyler is active in sports and usually challenges staff and friends in a game of pool or basketball. He is a 4 year member and has a great attitude we can all learn from.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Quashawn!

Quashawn has taken a new leadership role by assisting staff in locker room responsibilities and throughout the building. He is an 8 year member and student at Central High School.

OneMain Unit Club Member

March 2017


Meet Jade!

Jade has taken it upon herself to assist staff by asking for a chore chart to help with nightly closing duties! What a self-motivated two year member and positive role model for other members!

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Jybeaz!

Usually found picking up after snack and keeping our lounge area clean, Jybeaz is a 6 year member and participates in various activities and programs.

OneMain Unit Club Member

April 2017


Meet Jonathon!

Jonathon has acquired a passion for running tournaments throughout his 3 year membership. He assists staff on a daily basis and loves ping pong!

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Bryson!

Bryson has stepped up to assist with the Mattingly RBI Program and is a six year member. He is a leader among his peers and will be graduating in the near future!

OneMain Unit Club Member

May 2017


Meet Any’Trionna!

As a former Youth of the Month, Any’Trionna continues to lead by her positive attitude and program participation. She assists staff daily with Club responsibilities and is a true Club leader.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Javonte!

Often found in our gymnasium, Javonte is an 8 year member and will be a Freshman in the coming school year.

OneMain Unit Club Member

June 2017


Meet Kayla!

Kayla is a bright young girl and our 2016 Fulton Youth of the Year. She continues to volunteer and be a team player. She has a bright future ahead of her!

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Lauren!

Lauren is active throughout the Club in programs and activities. She joins in arts and crafts and sets a positive example by volunteering often.

OneMain Unit Club Member

July 2017


Meet Jayanthony!

As a first year member, Jayanthony has become a great NBA 2K17 and pool player. He enjoys playing against Club members and has a contagious smile. We look forward seeing his many talents.

Fulton Square Unit Club Member


Meet Xavier!

He’s in his first year as a member and his smile and attitude are contagious! He often leads members to lunch at Lincoln School and volunteers throughout the building to assist with tournaments and program activities.

OneMain Unit Club Member