Youth of the Year Honor

Youth of the Month

To recognize youth in our community, each month we select one (from each Evansville Club unit) promising youth who demonstrates exceptional character. This a great honor for Club members and showcases their abilities and willingness to make a difference.

This Club member possesses:
Year-round program participation
Desire to assists Club professionals in working with other Club members

Youth of the Year

Comprised from a group of local community leaders, a panel of judges listen to prepared essays and speeches from Youth of the Month candidates and after collaborating amongst each other, the panel designates one Club member with the highest recognition the Boys & Girls Club can offer- Youth of the Year!

After Club Member is Designated as Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year Club members nationwide move on from a local-level competition to a state-level competition.
* State-level winners receive a $1,000 scholarship and proceed to a regional-level competition.
* A total of 5 regional winners are selected from 5 U.S. regions and proceed to a national competition, which takes place in Washington, D.C.
As this serves as the highest honor for a Club member, regional Youth of the Year winners are recognized at the White House by the President!
* Each regional winner received an engraved plaque from the President and a $10,000 scholarship.
From the regional finalists, one Club member is chosen to represent all Boys & Girls Clubs across the country as the National Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year! This Club member also receives an additional $50,000 scholarship.